Financed by the European Commission (EACEA Youth in action programme), the project aims at promoting the exchange of good practices connected to the active role of women in the public life of their own communities. Furthermore, the project aims at improving the skills of youth organizations to promote the active citizenship (especially women’s citizenship), proposing new ways of partnership and spread active citizenship among young people in Europe and all over the world.

The project is addressed to youth organizations, operators, young people, men and women coming from different countries and interested in promoting women\'s role in their societies.

Furthermore, the project aims at improving young people’s skills to become active, critical and committed citizens. In order to achieve this goal, specific trainings have been organized on women’s role for the democratic and harmonic development of societies and on the benefits of gender equality and decision sharing. In this respect, two Campuses will be held– one in Togo and the other in Turkeyin order to allow young people between 17 and 25 years and coming from different countries to meet. The choice of the two countries was not casual: it was a grounded decision due to the harsh conditions of women in these territories.

We will ask young people to analyse and compare women’s role in their societies. After this preliminary analysis, young people should put forward their ideas in order to lead changes involving them personally.

The good practices gathered by the organizations and young people\'s ideas will be collected into a paper guide, that will published on the web as well, in order to reach as many users as possible. It may also be a useful tool to carry out effective actions aiming at promoting women’s role.

This is not the sole activity involved: seminaries, concerts - with the expected presence of the percussionist band Ohìbo – have been organized together with the implementation of a web site with a forum where young people may share insights on women’s active citizenship. Furthermore, this forum may become the place where to exchange project results and promote a discussion on women’s role in modern societies.