Materials on MDGs in the Czech Republic


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Actionaid Hellas.

a)Informative material and analysis of the MDG’s.

b) Press release for a seminar about MDG’s addressed to the professionals working in education.

Foundation for the child for and family

a) Campaing 1Goal with support of FIFA“Education for all” (MDG)

b) Civil Society in the front of the UN Millennium Development Goals

c) Declaration regarding the mid-term review of the 8 Millennium Development Goals



One earth

GCAP- Alliance Against Poverty

World Wide Aid and Cooperation.

Athens Network of Collaborating Experts

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Quality net.

Newspaper “Eleutherotypia”

a) Article: What happen with the Millennium Goal? (2008)

b) Article: One million people suffer from extreme poverty ( 13/10/2007)

Newspaper “ To vima”

Article: Declaration for MDG’s

Newspaper “Apogevmatini”

Article: Campaign 1Goal, education for all.


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The Estonian Youth Work Centre (EYWC) is a national centre for the work with the youth under the authority of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and its main purpose is to direct and organise youth work as part of the national youth policy.

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